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Discover exclusive deals and delightful promotions on our authentic skin care products. From glowing discounts to limited-time offers, our Special Offers page is your gateway to radiant beauty without compromise. Unlock the secrets to luminous skin and seize the opportunity to enhance your natural glow. Explore our hand-picked selection of special treats and elevate your beauty routine with these extraordinary deals. Don’t miss out—they won’t last long.

Aqua Skin PureGold Ultima


Each box of Aqua PureGold Ultima is good for 30 sessions.


30 vials, containing

Glutathione – 30000mg
Ascorbic Acid – 1250mg
Alpha Lipoic Acid – 850mg
Amino Acids – 1250mgGlutathione – 800000mg
ALA – 3000mg
Ascorbic Acid – 5000mg
Collagen Extract – 5000mg
Epidermal Growth Factor – 5000mg
Beta Hydroxy Acids – 1500mg
Kojic Acid – 10000mg
Dimethylaminoethol – 1800mg
Hyaluronic Acid – 600mg
Selenium – 1200mg
AHA – 1200mg
CoEnzyme Q10 – 10000mg
DNA & RNA Extract – 1250mg
Heterotrimeric Protein – 2400mg
Grapeseed Extract – 1800mg
Polypodium Lecotomos – 4000mg
Tranexamic Acid – 2000mg

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Miracle White Advance


Each box of Miracle White Advance is good for 6 sessions.


Coenzyme Q10 – 50000mg
Nano Concentrated Glutathione – 50000mg
Cyanocobalamin – 250mg
Kojic Acid – 2600mg
Ascorbic Acid – 2800mg
Epidermal Growth Factor – 1800mg
Multivitamin – 700mg
Thioctic Acid – 700mg
Melanin Inhiibitor – 500mg

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Snow White Drip


Each set of Snow White Drip is good for 10 sessions.


Glutathione – 1200mg
Vitamin C – 10000mg
Lipotocin (Thioctic Acid) – 300mg

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Zaguta Glutathione Plus Amino Acids Complex


Each box of Zaguta is good for 6 sessions.


6 vials Glutathione powder
6 ampoules Vitamin Complex
6 ampoules of Amino Acids


Glutathione – 600000mg
Vitamin A – 20mcg
Vitamin E – 0.65mg
Vitamin C – 1250mg
Vitamin D – 600 I.U.
Vitamin B Complex – 200mg
Vitamin K (K1, K2) – 500mg
Alanine (ALA) – 750mcg
Arginine – 500mcg
Aspartic Acids – 250mg
Cysteine – 900mg
Glutamine – 800mg
Glutamic Acids – 500mg
Glycine – 250mg
Histidine – 100mg
Isoleucine – 50mg
Lysine – 2.5mcg
Proline – 2.5mcg
Serine – 750mg
Threonine – 500mg
Valine – 500mg

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Hikari Drip Premium


Each box of Hikari Drip Premium is good for 1 session.


1 bottle, containing

Glutathione – 500000mg
Collagen – 50000mg
Slimming L-Carn – 5000mg
Dextrose – 12.5g
Thiamine Hydrochloride (Vit. B) – 62.5mg
Riboflavin (Vit. B3) – 12.5mg
Nicotinamide – 312.5mg
Pyridoxine HCl – 12.5mg
Ascorbic Acid – 10000mg
D-Panthenol – 125mg
Thioctic Acid – 1000mg

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Miracle White


Each box of Miracle White is good for 6 sessions.


Kojic Acid – 5500mg
Ascorbic Acid – 4950mg
Epidermal Growth Factor – 3500mg
SLC24A5 Inhibitor – 1000mg
White Cell Enhancer – 800mg
Marine Peptide Collagen – 300mg
Coenzym Q10 – 2000mg
Nano Concentrated Glutathione – 60000mg
Leontopodium Alpinum Callus Culture Extract – 500mg
Cyanocobalamine – 700mg
Tomato Stem Cell Extract – 380mg
Multivitamin – 1500mg
Thioctic Acid – 1280mg

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Miracle White Enhance


Each box of Miracle White Enhance is good for 6 sessions.


Nano Concentrated Glutathione – 90000mg
Coenzyme Q10 – 50000mg
Alpha Lipoiic Acid – 250ml
Kojic Acid – 2600mg
Ascorbic Acid – 3000mg
Epidermal Growth Factor – 2000mg
L-Cysteine – 500mg
Multivitamin – 900mg
Thioctic Acid – 900mg
Melanin Inhibitor Plus Collagen – 600mg

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Aqua Skin EGF Pure Gold II 30th Whitening


Each box of Aqua Skin EGF Pure Gold II contains 30 vials of Ultrafiltration Pure Gold with DNA and RNA Glutathione powder and is suitable for 30 sessions.


Pure DNA & RNA Extract – 0.725mg
Glutathione – 30000mg
Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) – 2500mg
Coenzyme Q10 – 2500mg

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