IV Cannula with Wings and Injection Valve 26G


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  • Used to administer your glutathione supplement through IV drip method.
  • Catheter is made of kink-resistant and biocompatible PTFE, with extremely soft inner and outer surface to ensure easy venipuncture with minimum trauma.
  • Needle is siliconised and ground stainless steel with Ultra sharp triple facet bevel for smooth and painless venipuncture.

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The IV Cannula with Wings and Injection Valve is crafted to provide a seamless experience for both healthcare providers and patients. It combines advanced material engineering with practical design elements to facilitate efficient and comfortable intravenous therapy.

Key Features

  • Siliconised Stainless Steel Needle: An ultra-sharp, back cut needle for pain-free insertion, significantly reducing patient discomfort.
  • Flexible Wide Wings: Provide easy handling and proper fixation, ensuring stable and secure placement.
  • FEP Radiopaque Catheter: Features a smoother surface with a tapered tip for frictionless insertion and minimal tissue disruption.
  • Transparent Flashback Chamber: Allows instant verification of venipuncture, streamlining the insertion process.
  • Injection Port with Silicone Valve: Equipped with a non-return silicone valve and color-coded cap for safe and easy additional medication administration.
  • Bio-Compatible Materials: Designed for extended use with materials that ensure patient comfort and safety during prolonged treatments.
  • Safety Compliance: Latex-free, PVC-free, ETO sterilized, designed for single use, and non-pyrogenic, meeting stringent safety standards.


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